Clinical Trial Services

Avayle delivers efficient, cost-effective commercial drug sourcing services. Whether commercial drugs are needed for a single center, small sample study or a multinational, multicenter trial with thousands of patients, we work closely with you to develop a procurement strategy customized to meet your immediate and long-term needs.

Consultative Project Management Ensures Success from Start to Finish

Your Project Manager will collaborate, consult, and connect with you throughout the course of your trial. Whether working with us in the US or the EU, your Project Manager along with Avayle procurement experts will serve as an extension of your team—sharing the same goals for successful sourcing. You can count on us to provide:

  • Regular, proactive project monitoring and updates
  • Forecasting
  • Simplified and streamlined procurement processes
  • A cost-effective solution scaled to the size of your trial
  • Rapid response to changing supply and budget issues
  • Dedicated project management and a consistent point of contact

Detailed Supply Analysis for Optimal Procurement Strategies

At the outset of your trial, Avayle will deliver a full assessment of the commercial drug supply needs, encompassing both short and long-term goals. Our supply analysis includes:

  • Strategies and tactics to meet changing supply needs and availability
  • Detailed scenario planning and forecasting to ensure proper supply levels without interruption for the duration of your trial
  • Assessment of drug strength, packaging, configurations, pricing, and product availability by region

Drug Supply Forecasting Provides Unique, In-Depth Analysis for Every Study

In an ever-changing clinical supply chain, it’s crucial to understand the availability and accessibility of your commercial drug requirements. Our customized forecasting service is designed to help you de-risk the supply chain by procuring the precise amount of drug, when you need it. In some cases, effective forecasting has been shown to save millions of dollars over the course of a trial. By analyzing your needs and the global supply situation, Avayle helps you:

  • Gauge drug demand needs across the planned duration of the trial
  • Stay current on trends and supply changes
  • Minimize excess stock — saving money and reducing waste
  • Avoid running out of needed drugs
  • See the big picture view — giving you confidence in your supply strategy
  • Monitor forecast vs actuals to continually re-evaluate

Storage and Warehousing

With GDP storage and warehousing facilities in the US and Germany, Avayle can efficiently meet your supply needs anywhere in the world. Having facilities in the EU eliminates any potential Brexit-related delays, costs, and risks. All of our storage and warehouse facilities meet the highest standards of quality and we only procure from audited suppliers or directly from manufacturers. Once the supplies reach our facilities we:

  • Perform a physical inspection
  • Ensure adherence to temperature conditions
  • Provide detailed documentation including, BSE/TSE, C of A, C of C, package inserts, SMPCs, and pedigree documentation