De-risk Your Supply Chain

Planning a clinical trial involves thousands of individual decisions. In our experience, one of the most challenging is gauging the use of commercial drug supply over the duration of the study.

At Avayle, we’ve developed AvayleForecast, an innovative and highly accurate tool, customized for each study, that allows you to monitor and forecast consumption, stay up-to-date on trends and supply changes. AvayleForecast ensures you won’t lose weeks or months due to a lack of drug availability.

Planning for all of the potential demands of a clinical trial is a challenging task that takes not only expertise but valuable time. That’s why we created AvayleForecast. We understand the need to anticipate multiple scenarios, including an increase in the number of patients, an expansion of trial sites/countries or a change to the dosing regimen. AvayleForecast gives you the confidence to embrace these challenges, providing an accurate forecast with actionable data to support and enhance trial planning across multiple “what-if” scenarios.